New Hangout: The Clubhouse!

So on the 2nd of January, FAB lounge in collaboration with Spirit of David gospel dance club opened The Clubhouse.  I didn’t know what to expect because I had heard of “Christian Clubbing” way back in Jos but had never attended.  I was pretty excited to go though, especially as I was also invited to perform!

The Clubhouse is a non-smoking, no-alcohol drinking restaurant and bar which offers a variety of gospel music in various genres. It’s one of SOD’s new initiatives and a way of offering you a fresh and safe environment to enjoy yourself, meet new people and have fun.  It’s also an opportunity to see SoD members in their unique personalities without the intimidating costumes and dance routines.

The Clubhouse was not difficult to find. I liked the painting on the outer wall of the building and I loved the interior even more. The food was tasty and the drinks were cool, even though the pineapple and coconut mix I had was somewhat bland.  The others which my friends had were much sweeter.  I found the lounge to be too cold for me (I change body temp really fast) but as soon as we got dancing, the shivering stopped.

At the end of the day I could tell that people were surprised that we had so much energy to keep the party going until late!  I don’t know why it is difficult to believe SOD members are humans who love to have fun as well but what keeps us together and makes us unique as a team is our strong love for God and His word, and our passion for dance.  Therefore we are not boring, haha!

The Clubhouse is open everyday for your regular hangouts but we make it very special for you every Friday.  I’ll be there today so if you’re somewhere around the Ikeja axis, please join us and lets have fun!


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