What would I like for Valentine’s?

Now that our government has decided to give us back our unofficial public holiday by shifting the presidential elections (woohoo!!), we can all dare to dream about how fun Valentine’s day is going to be! I enjoy the public display of affection which I can (almost) smell in the air wherever I go, and even though I’ve not had a special valentine’s in a long time, I like to see other people happy.  This post is not about them though.  I’m thinking about what would make me happy on a day like that?

1. A Camcorder

Everyone wants to keep memories and so do I.  There’s too much of life gone by already without memoirs but it’s never too late to start!  A camcorder would help me with family events, friend’s hang outs, and most of all, those very unique moments when I come up with insane dance moves which I can’t replicate in the dance studio.  For this reason I think a tripod will come in handy too.

This Canon Vixia HF R52 camcorder has 32GB of memory, an LCD touch panel display, live streaming to IOS/Android devices, built in wifi and 57x advanced zoom, among other things. It goes for $450, which is almost 100k Naira!

2. Breakfast in Bed

Yes. I. Want. .eet.  How romantic is that?  I love to sleep in but I would love being woken up to my favourite breakfast the most: french toast with salted butter and cheese, eggs, chips, a salad, juice, coffee, the works!  I’m hungry already, lol.  Tell me is this a far fetched dream?  It’s more affordable than the camcorder so I don’t think so!

3. A Tablet

I know it’s odd to mention this when it seems like the whole world owns a tablet, but I do not. Not yet anyways. A tablet is less bulkier than a laptop (Even though I’ve seen some really thin and light ones around now) and I think I’d enjoy social media more on it.  My phone would also thank me for it as I am constantly using it for everything from pictures to music recording to picture editing. poor thing!

4. Flowers

Not many people like the idea of flowers because you cant eat, wear or use them (which is totally understandable) but flowers have been known to convey a strong sense of affection towards the recipient.  You don’t send flowers to a lady unless you want to say something such as “I like you and I want to see more of you” “I love you” and “I’m sorry” .  So yeah, even though I can’t keep the flowers forever, It’ll be nice to have a bouquet sent over. 😀


Who doesn’t love to smell good?  I’ve always had a thing for aromatherapy – from candles and creams to oils and air fresheners. I will not refuse a chance to smell exceptionally great at any time, and I am not opposed to different fragrances so as long as it doesn’t have that strong alcoholic sting to it, I will be happy with a bottle!

P.S.  I also love men’s perfumes but since this is supposed to be  a romantic gesture kindly forget that for now, lol!

OK! This is as far as time will let me go.  I hope you all get the valentine of your dreams this year, and even if you don’t remember that it’s the heart that counts!  Material things will always fade, but love will never die.  Sounds cliche but it’s true.

What would you want for Valentine’s day?



6 thoughts on “What would I like for Valentine’s?

  1. You should totally just get some of these things for yourself to make yourself happy. Just saying. 🙂 Just because the holiday has been marketed for lovers doesn’t mean people without another half has to start feeling bad for themselves!

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    1. Don’t get me wrong, these are things I can get for myself – especially 4, 3 & 5 – but isn’t it much more exciting when someone buys it for you instead? I’m actually working on getting the camcorder at the moment. Not the Canon Vixia though, too expensive, lol.
      I’m totally in support of doing the stuff that makes you happy even without a significant other. Besides, If you don’t learn to love yourself, there is no way you can learn to love another… I hope you had an awesome weekend!

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