My Current Love Songs Valentine Playlist

Since it’s Valentine’s day tomorrow and bla all, I’d like to share with you some of the love-related songs in my playlist.  I’ve I love musicalso included their videos and song quotes.  I hope you can relate to one of them… Enjoy!

1. Accidentally in love – Casting Crowns

“…Well maybe I’m in love (love)
Think about it every time
I think about it
Can’t stop thinking ’bout it…”

This song was featured in Shrek2 which has an upbeat but laid back theme.  If you’ve ever fallen in love accidentally you should be able to relate to this.  The video is very funny too – the lady falls in love with her animated stuffed rabbit and runs away with it while her boyfriend is preparing her breakfast (Imagine that!). I had a good laugh.

2. Love don’t Die – The Fray 

“…A thousand years go by
But love don’t die…

The Fray is one of my favourite rock bands. The lyrics are very straightforward which means you don’t have to over think.  It’s also got an upbeat tempo – I always dance when I listen to it!  Makes me very happy too. For you guys who promise love everlasting – this is for you 😉

3. The heart wants what it wants – Selena Gomez

“…Save your advice ’cause I won’t hear
You might be right but I don’t care
There’s a million reasons why I should give you up
But the heart wants what it wants…”

Selena gets better with each track she sings, and this track is for me the best from her album “For You”. Its a beautifully heartbreaking song – I literally teared up at the beginning as she cried, haha!  If you’re celebrating valentine’s day and are totally in love, I will not suggest you listen to this track.  If however you understand what it means to be heartbroken and you need to know you’re not alone, Selena does a good job of it!

4. I need you to love me – Barlow Girl

“…I, I have wasted so much time
Pushing You away from me
I just never saw how You could cherish me
‘Cause You’re a God who has all things
And still You want me…”

Barlow girl was an all girl Christian rock band (2004-2012) made up of sisters. :). This song talks about how not being able to love yourself can make you reject God’s love.  It also ends with the realization that His love can really help you see how much value you have as a person. I like the WOW HITS 2011 remix much better though.

5. Lenny Kravitz – Believe in Me

“…Countless sleepless nights
Never ending fights
I’m trying to make your dreams come true
I will sacrifice to find paradise
But I need to know you’re behind me…”

This song is so… sexy. Seriously.  It makes me feel that way too, lol. thumbs up, Lenny!  This song is for someone who’s fighting for his love, and needs him/her to believe that he is trying to keep the relationship. Shout out to all those fighting for love!


So, there, you have 5 great songs from great artistes which I hope made some of your day.  Is there any song or situation you would have loved to have on my list?  Make comments and maybe I’ll do a post-valentine’s post! Have an awesome Valentine’s day, and lets know how it went, will ya?



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