DIY Virgin Coconut Oil Recipe

I really love anything with coconut essence in it.  Besides the fact that it tastes good, there is this islandish and tropical scent it gives off, so when I was told I could actually make my own coconut oil, I was like for real?? I sort of procrastinated on that until I saw what looked like a 10 Oz bottle of coconut oil going for #4,000!  without further ado, I went and bought me a coconut to experiment!

Of course after the experiment I could fully appreciate its pricey status, but its something I don’t mind doing for my personal use; just enough to pour into my body creams and for my natural hair! 😀

What you’ll need:

1. Coconut –  I used one coconut here but you can usee as many as you can lay your hands on – more coconut equals more oil! 😉

2. Grater

3.Clean bowls

4. Clean water – 30 oz or 31/2 cups

5.Frying pan or saucepan

6. Clean handkerchief

7.Clean bottle/Jar with lid.

8.Two clean hands 😀

Step One:

Break open your coconut, saving the water if you can.  That’s the tough part.  Shell the outer part and grate the meat like so:  Feel free to chew any leftovers – that’s the yummy part!

Coconut oil is highly moisturizing! Can be used for deep conditioning or as body lotion so use a little drop for your hair ends and a few more drops for your skin.

 Step Two:

Pour 1 cup of boiling water over the grated coconut and sir until you see the milky part starts to form.  Cool it down with the remaining (cold) water and use your hands to wash it, rubbing the meat in-between your palms.  If you haven’t drunk your coconut water, you can pour it in the mixture at this point. Sieve the coconut into a clean bowl.  What you’ll have is a bowl of coconut milk, which oftentimes we use to make our coconut rice, another yummy dish! 😀

When mixed with pure honey, coconut oil can serve as an anti-bacterial salve for minor cuts and scratches.

Step Three:

Place a lid over your bowl and let it sit on your kitchen table for 24 hours.  You can also put it in another container, which is what I did.  I wrapped the the covered bowl of coconut milk in a tea towel, placed it a bigger bowl and sealed it shut.  Then I went to bed.  Next day after work I came back and noticed that the creamy part of the milk had curdled and was floating above the water, yay! I tried to scoop it out but in order to get everything out I decided to freeze it so i could get every frozen bit of cream, lol.  I don’t have pictures of the floating cream cause I slept off and couldn’t finish until the next evening after work!

When mixed with shea butter, coconut oil can be very effective for baby's diaper rash
When mixed with shea butter, coconut oil can be very effective for baby’s diaper rash

Step Four:

Take your either creamy or frozen curd and pour it into a saucepan.  In the picture above you can see how my frozen curd began to melt until it became a bubbly, frothing mixture which I kept stirring and stirring…

The mixture will continue to reduce and the oil will not emerge until the very last minute, when the residue is left… AMAZING! Continue to heat until the residue turns brown and grainy, settling at the bottom of the pan:

You can use coconut oil to polish leather and table tops, and also remove rust from your untensils
You can use coconut oil to polish leather and table tops, and also remove rust from your utensils

Step Five:

Sieve your oil into a clean container!

I used a handkerchief to drain my oil, this was because I couldn’t get the oil to come through the makeshift filter of cotton wool (Which is what I saw online). It came out nicely and my whole kitchen was filled with the coconut fragrance!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It it VERY IMPORTANT that you pour your pure coconut oil into a CLEAN container; I used an empty jar which had my whipped shea butter in it and this affected the pure and delicate coconut fragrance :(.  That is a mistake which won’t repeat itself.  As you can see that much (or is it little?) oil came from one coconut, I wasn’t disappointed at all but at least I know how much coconuts I’ll need if I want to make more.  Can’t wait to make my next batch, even though I’m not looking forward to all that shelling and grating, phew!

That’s it people!  There are variant ways to make this oil so please feel free to read up, try them and let me know in the comments section, I’d love to hear from you.  Cheers!

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