Random Convos II

So there’s this friend I’ve got whom I’ve never met, which is pretty common these days, given how technology has made the whole world seem like a village. He’s an interesting fellow, beneath his scholarly demeanor  We talk lots, and we decided that maybe, just maybe, we could  the post random conversations we have.  The very first was posted on his blog here.  This is the 2nd post. We’re thinking if this thing flies, we might just throw in a couple more, but for now, here goes. We’d love to know what you think and suggestions are highly welcome. Enjoy!


Phoenix: Hola!

Zingfa: What’s up!

Phoenix: I’m super. I had a super weekend

Zingfa: Is there anything like a non-super weekend in lag? Nah!!! It’s always super I hear. rumour has it lasgidi doesn’t sleep…

Phoenix: True that. It can be so super busy that you can end up super tayod.  Anyhoo I went for dance class on saturday

Zingfa: Oh cool…

Phoenix: What did you do?

Zingfa: I had a comparatively quiet weekend.

Phoenix: If I lived in CT I would definitely be taking walks… and drives… can’t do much of that here, not with the current fuel wahala and traffic and heat. I cannot come and go and kill myself*

Zingfa: Surely CT is ideal for such…very beautiful scenery….In summer like we are now it gets warm too but not on the level of lag.  Reminds me of first time I visited with my then fiancée.  I had warned her of Lagos heat…she thought I was over exaggerating…when the plane landed and she took her first step out of the plane into the airport she screamed!!!!!

Phoenix: HAHA! Wehcome to Lagos sisteh

Zingfa: The heat was like a slap of warm air to the face!!! That was the last time we travelled through lag….We now use Abuja….it is also hot yes but we get some occasional breeze to cool us down

Phoenix: Yeah the air be stiffling even with the beach breeeze

Zingfa: So back to your dance class…what sort of dance was it?

Phoenix: I’m part of this dance club and we rehearse on weekends. It’s supposed to be a hobby but I take it very seriously. No… I was forced to take it seriously, lol.

Zingfa: So it’s a sorta pro level thingy

Phoenix: Nah, we’ve got all levels of dancers – including those who dance in their heads, ha!

Zingfa: Lol…I also dance in my head…I can relate to that!

Phoenix: So really, what did you do this weekend?

Zingfa: Basically I was indoors a lot…There was a heatwave so I chose to be indoors and keep away from the heat.  So yeah I watched TV and enjoyed Netflix then watched soccer

Phoenix: NETFLIX! It’s now in Naija, did you hear?  Whoop whoop!

Zingfa: Oh yeah!!! Whoop!  Actually it launched same day here in SA and Nigeria as well other African countries

Phoenix: Sorry to be so excited. I know it sounds cliche but i love to cuddle (or lie in a lazy heap) and watch movies

Zingfa: Hehehe…now Netflix is for you dear…get registered if you haven’t!  You have the first month for free too so you can decide to unsubscribe after the first month if you are not impressed …

Phoenix: I hope naija network will not buffer on me and my small subscription fee o

 Zingfa: Now that you mention it…I think it’s high time NCC** answers some questions… I can’t wrap my head around inability of the telecom companies to provide quality and affordable Internet to Nigerians considering the size of the market they have and the massive profit they rake from Nigeria

Phoenix: But its your SA people doing this to us, talk to them!  Anyhoo. If the heatwave lets up in CT what would you do next weekend, you think?

Zingfa: Next weekend I will be outdoors …I got a training Saturday morning and a farewell lunch on Sunday for a friend leaving town….between that I will have to fit in some fun times….

Phoenix: I will probably be dancing again and will do a little baking if I’m not too out of breath to stand on my two feet

Zingfa: So shall we expect  feedback on how the weekend goes in lag?

Phoenix: Maybe, maybe not

Zingfa: Why maybe and why not?

Phoenix: Cause we’ll prolly be talking about something else?

Zingfa: Ok then…sound like a plan

Phoenix: Goodie. Cheers mate!

Zingfa: Cheers


*Lagos slang: I can’t stress myself

** NCC: Nigerian Communications Commission



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