About Me :)

Nigeria's Black SundayI am Black Rose.  One of the many translations of my name fall under “Fair Rose”.  I guess the name is used for Irish kids who are fair-skinned or fair (grey) haired in nature. Years ago a friend decided to rename me black rose as I am nowhere close to fair.  Not only do I like the name, but I also identify with it in many ways: Mystery. Empathy. Comfort during loss. A living sacrifice.

I am Phoenix. I feel I have lived so many lives.  Experiences Iphoenix-mythology-30557210-600-430 encountered taught me several valuable lessons –  none which I can specifically identify, but I know have shaped my life to be what I am today.  There are moments when I feel so dead, and then so alive, and those moments mark the end of one (stage in my) “life” and the beginning of another.

I am BlueHeartz.  I am blue-blooded (both from my royal lineage as a Nigerian as well as a Christian ;)) and just recently found out that I can be one hell of an expressionless individual.  Facially, that is.  There are only a handful of people who can actually interprete my facial expressions, and I think its because I let them to. And for this reason, you may think I am one cold-stone mannequin.  Fear not, alot goes on beneath the surface…

I am CrazyInMyHead.  I came up with this name when I found myself replaying each day’s activities, but with lots of editing, and I end up feeling the day would have been better if it had played out the way it did in my head (i.e. I’m the baddest, wisest, hottest girl on the planet – lol!). Anyways, in my head, crazy stuff goes on, some of which are regular weird stuff we all think about, and others are, well, very weird.

This blog is an effort to find out who I really am by writing about my experiences, trying to make sense of, and derive peace from them.  I believe that God has a massive plan for me, and even though I cannot see it, I can only hope, and keep trudging on. I’m writing because I want to remember where I come from, so that I can be very grateful for where I am, and focus on where I’m going to (Did I mention that I don’t exactly know it yet?)

Anyways, I hope you can find something to identify with as you read along. After all I am writing for (my) sanity’s sake, but I like to share, so please join the ride!

Thanks, and talk to you soon!


18 thoughts on “About Me :)

  1. LOL! we all have crazy thoughts… the trick is hiding them so that only your loved ones, that have to love you anyway, see them!
    Great about me page 🙂


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