Natural Hair Birthday?

You might have read in one of my (very old) posts that I am/was emotionally attached to my hair.  Yes. I would go through one of those major life-changing episodes – which coincidentally happened every two years – and I would have a deep need to snip, snip snip – although going by my old pictures it was more of a shave, shave shave! Anyways, September of 2014 was one of those phases.


I haven’t been documenting my hair journey like most naturalistas do.  I had very thick hair as a kid which my mom would blow-dry before braiding just to make it soft, and I don’t recollect having any cute secondary school pictures. So after I did my big chop and I decided to grow it back naturally, I had no major expectations. However my hair has turned out to be quite the character! I have pictures of how its been turning out over the past one year and I must say it has been a pretty tiring and time consuming interesting journey!

So in honour of my 1st natural hair birthday which was in September of 2015 *rolls eyes*, let me drop down some “hairformation”.  They’re not recommendations, just a highlight of my hair management behaviour.

  • My hair is mostly 4c – very coily, with what seems to be 3c type towards the nape of my neck.  I thought I could get away without needing this info but it so happens that its necessary so you know what your hair needs to stay manageable.
  • I don’t keep milestones so I can’t really tell you how much it grew in so much time, sorry.
  • I don’t comb my hair everyday.  If I do, its once in two or three weeks (Sorry mom, I know you taught me better than that!). I do this mostly to avoid the pain, but it also minimizes unnecessary hair breakage and the delicate time taken to comb. I however finger comb, detangle and then rearrange in the process.
  • Yes, moisture is THAT important.  I find that when my hair is more hydrated and oiled, its suffers less breakage.  To be honest I don’t drink as much water as I’m supposed to but I make the effort every now and then.  To also savefunny-shampoo-conditioner-week me time and energy I mixed a cocktail of water, leave-in conditioner and oil to spritz and rub in at a go. I only do the step-by-step layering routine on weekends (If I’ve got the time, often times I don’t).
  •  I would love to be a product junkie but I’m not, partly because I’ve not gotten over the idea that “my hair must eat” and so buy products which cost a fortune.  I just think about what my hair needs the most at a point in time, invest in it, and supplement/improvise with more affordable items until my next big buy.  So this month I could be buying a very nice deep conditioning treatment and a few months later it would be a moisturizing oil / butter, or even hair accessories 🙂
  • My edges are still taking forever to grow! I am using castor oil as a remedy but please if you have any other great ideas let me know.  Braiding is becoming more of a nuisance to me (and I say this regretfully) as I find that it does more damage to my edges than protect it.  OR it could be that the hairdressers are TOO STUBBORN to heed to my instruction not to touch the hair there…. “Don’t worry the hair wont break”  “My hand no dey break hair” . Indeed!!
  • This is actually the 6th time I’m coloring my hair.  I’ve had red, then blonde, and now its a warm brown mixed with my grey strands.  No, color does not break my hair.  That’s because I don’t use heat or relaxers. I’m sure you hair fanatics know that already.


  • In my own humble and maybe mis-informed opinion, I think that some of those protective styles are really not protective! Crochet braids for one. If those things are installed too tight, you still risk a chance of hair loss. I guess that’s a great reason to have to do your hair at a professional salon’.
  • Wigs are my bestest hair protection styles ever! I have a healthy collection, maybe if you want reviews on those I can do that.
  • If you can’t get your hair done at a salon which caters for natural hair, please and please, do your hair at home.  Learn until you can manage your hair yourself. I’m speaking from wide experience, after watching my hair being manipulated in more ways than I could bear.df80003385fe747ae4b17ecab39139a8

So there you go!  So my hair isn’t “there” yet but I’m enjoying the experience.  I  promise not to go scissor happy for as long as I possibly can :). Here are pictures of me in my natural hair (in no particular timeline) for you to enjoy. And if you have any more questions to ask, shoot!



Bantu knot-out with side corn-rows



Hair combed to obedience
At a rock music concert


Hair finger-combed just before a dance performance
EntWer a caption
Bantu knot twist-out


First Pineapple bun, yay!



No comb today!


Notice the grey highlights?
Taking the bus ride home after work



6 thoughts on “Natural Hair Birthday?

  1. Your hair looks great in every single picture!! It’s such a fascinating part of African culture and just from this post alone, I feel like I’ve learned a lot (but there’s still so much more to learn about). I know relaxing is a huge thing in the U.S. (and Western culture in general) but over the last decade or so, I’ve heard (very peripherally) about the rise in going natural and embracing it. I hope I don’t sound ignorant here because there is definitely a lot I still don’t know but in any case, it sounds like you’re taking good care of your hair. And for the record, I also get a little scissor-happy with my hair since I can’t stand it when my hair gets caught between the chair I’m sitting in and my back (like when I’m driving). That usually signals that it’s time for a haircut!

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    1. Even though I feel like a baby in the hair community and I have ways to go, I appreciate your compliment, thank you! I’m only beginning to realize that our hair is as diverse as our cultures and people are finding bigger ways to express themselves through their hair. I laughed when you mentioned the hair behind your back phenomenon, it happens when I have braids so I can identify with that! 🙂 Its nice to know that even though we love western (American, Asian, Brazilian, Indian etc) hair, we are finally accepting our hair for what it really is :).

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