Let me In!!!

I was watching a (not so) horror movie the other day titled “Let me in”. It is about a young boy (Owen) and a vampire girl (Abby) and the series of events that brings them together.

There is this scene where Abby comes to visit Owen, and she stands at the door of his home.  Owen doesn’t say a thing and assumes that she will walk in but she says “No, you have to let me in”.  He doesn’t say a thing and steps away from the door, so she walks in, but soon starts to bleed from the head.  He has to say “Come in, Come in!! and practically hug her before the bleeding stops.  

There is another scene (either before or after the one I just mentioned) where she comes in through his bedroom door and (I think) he has to say “come in” before she did.  I think its awful polite of her to ask, but they didn’t name the movie “Let me in” for nothing!

So anyways by the end of the movie, Abby saves Owen from almost getting killed, so Owen owes

Abby his life, and from the look of things, it is obvious that Owen is going to spend his life hiding and taking care of (feeding) Abby.  

Did I ruin the movie for those of you who haven’t watched it? Im sorry, I’m no spoiler, but here’s the catch:

Jesus doesnt force himself on people, he says: “Listen! I stand at the door and knock; if any hear my voice and open the door, I will come into their house and eat with them, and they will eat with me” (Rev. 3:20)
In other words, “Let me in!”

“Say yes!”

I’ve only just realized that evil does the same thing. Tempations are not of an oppresive nature anymore.  They come in alluring, mysterious and inviting ways.  We bind and cast in the morning, but before the day runs out we open doors and windows and let little bits of evil into our lives.
“Can I come in?”

“Say yes!”

It now becomes the balance or imbalance of these two forces within us that determine how our lives turn out to be.

Think about it. 


8 thoughts on “Let me In!!!

  1. Nice. God doesn’t force Himself on us. He has to get our permission before He does anything in our lives. He is principled. Wonderful post.


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