Soul Mates?

Soul mates

What do you think? Do they exist, and if they do who is/are your soul mate(s)?


4 thoughts on “Soul Mates?

  1. I don’t think they exist in the sense that there is only “one soulmate for me”. However, I do believe that you meet people in life that you just know you never want them to walk out of your life. They are the definition of perfection and happiness. They care for you, understand you , and are genuinely happy to love you. Could be a sibling, a teacher, co-worker, friends, etc.


    1. That’s true, I do have such people in my life and without them I’d be one pretty dreadful person! It’s always good to know who those people are so you can call on them when you feel your lowest.. Thanks! 🙂


  2. I don’t only think soul mates exist…I know they exist for real…:-D I have a few in my life…I just meet them and we blend….there is no effort in being friendly or nice…there is no need for much words, your spirits just connect and you know he/she is going to be there for you always and vice versa…


    1. The good thing about these friends is the seamless bonding – there is no effort involved in trying to understand each other. Well if this is the case we could do with more soul mates in the world, don’t you think? 😉


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